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2003-FT Xiaguan T8653, 2003 Xiaguan special grade, 2004(3+1)-FT Xiaguan T8653, 2006 CYH Nannuo, 2005 Gan En Nannuo, 2022 CYH Yuan Tian Hao, 1990 Ding Xing Hao, 2012 BHYJ “Platinum edition” bingdao, 2013 BHYJ Yiwu Pearl (Mingzhu), 2012 BHYJ Peacock, 2004 Xiaguan red mark iron cake, 2020 Mansong arbor tree, 2008 Jinggu wild (500g), ~2012-2014 baifuhang yesheng, 2001 iron cake bazhong, 90s naked cake smoky, 90s iron cake (mr chen)


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