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The most classical and respected tribute tea (ManSong) from the best old and ancient tree producer in the world (Chen Yuan Hao), what else can I possibly add to this?

Ok, I’ll try: It may take a few sessions but you should quickly realise how much deeper this tea goes compared to most normal (non-tier 5) puerh, deeper in the body, in the throat, in the mind. Aftertaste lasts for hours, the sweet soupiness and structure is so overwhelmingly good it’s feels like a godly nectar, the balance of flavour (complex, fruity, floral) is perfection. The Qi likewise lasts for a long time giving a sensation of full well being.

Intense aroma and silky feeling in the throat, possibly the most available in Puerh.


If you can afford it, it’s simply on another level (I’m considering creating a T5+ tier just for this tea alone!) and tea like this will only be more and more expensive in the future (if it’s even available, which is really not a given, it’s also getting more and more competitive to get).

If you can’t realistically afford a cake, beware that trying this tea may ruin your enjoyment of most young puerh (definitely below tier 4 level), it’s that much better. I’d love to say ‘try it to understand deeply about puerh’ (which you will), but I can’t guarantee you won’t have the ‘expensive taste’ side-effect later. There’s a reason why this tea is so crazily sought out it’s a half-miracle we’re even able to offer it.

Due to low quantity, I’m not sure for how long we can offer this tea. For tong purchases after June please note there’s a small chance a whole tong won’t be available, in which case we will let you know within one week and refund you.

357g big cakes.


1 gram, 25 grams, full cake, 1 tong (6 cakes)+1 cake


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