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  • Early spring 100% ancient tree
  • Strong minty sweetness and aftertaste
  • Intense sweet, strong, full taste
  • Powerful Qi

The apex of modern Yiwu single estate, a really strong tea with an unique signature taste.

Genuine 100% pure old tree guaranteed by the most reputable gushu brand in the world.

When you drink it, save the wash and drink it after the session – it will taste of the unique intense mint sweetness of BoHeTang (which translates to “Mint pond”).

The description from the official Chen Yuan Hao website reads:
“The trees, which are scarce in quantity, are approximately six to seven hundred years old. The liquid is brightly golden and glossy, and its aroma is elegantly mellow. With its smooth mouthfeel and strong, sweet aftertaste, this is one of the best teas you can get. The unique mint huigan is sought after by real connoisseurs.”

Approx ~80-90g 1/4 slices.


1 gram, 1/4 slice

1 review for 2022 Chen Yuan Hao BoHeTang (T5)

  1. Remo Eerma (verified owner)

    Wow. Powerful. “I want to Love More.” to put my session in 5 words. Humbling, instant opening of heart. Lightness, humour and humility. Strong, rich and intense taste, yet not bitter – strong gentleness, as they put it. Enveloping depth, coming and going in waves. So much to discover in it. Still carries me, 2 weeks later.

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