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  • Manzhuan big/old tree
  • Limited production by taiwanese Boutique Cheng Shun Hao/Zizai tea house
  • Excellent thickness, aftertaste and durability
  • Good impacting/calming Qi
  • Strong complex aromas

This tea has an artisanal/traditional processing that emphasises a more savoury profile upfront (less sweet). There is a very good base with thick flavour, strong aftertaste, relatively low astringency that’s unmistakably big/old tree material, even if is processed in the manner of early 2000s factory teas and less like modern gushu (which tends to be much sweeter immediately).

There is good sweetness in the second half of the session and there will be more and more as it ages. To my taste, this tea is not super impressive in the first half of the session but due to its processing it will shine more and more in about 5-10 years time. In a way that could even be better than modern gushu processing because this cake will have preserved more of its essence.

I personally prefer my puerh sweet-bitter and very low tart/astringency, but some people may like these notes more than I do. So in short here’s the advice:

  • If you’re okay to age it for a while get one regardless of preference (excellent leaves material and price for them)
  • Skip this if you’re a beginner and want to drink it now
  • If you want to drink it now and you know what you are doing/like a more savoury taste profile, then also go for it

Daniel’s excellent hot/dry storage.

400g big cake.


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