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  • Pressed in ’99 (+/- 1 year) but leaves could be older
  • Old tree Yiwu!
  • Super clean dry storage
  • Really strong Qi
  • Dense, smooth, comfortable taste

The dream of how old tree Yiwu would age with long-term dry storage, this is a really rare cake (cakes of this period are usually plantation at best big tree with arguably a bit of old tree mixed in) and very much a personal favourite.

I haven’t had much time to think about the price so I picked the lowest end of what makes sense to sell this at. The full cake, if it becomes available at all, might be more expensive than this (per gram), please don’t be shocked if so.

The inside of this tea is significantly more compressed than the outside so the outside feels a bit more aged. We will send you two different packages, you can either try them side by side or mix them up, up to you.

This listing is for 18 grams (7 grams of outside + 11 grams of inside).


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