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2014 BHYJ “Exclusive Reward” (Bingdao)

An adventure-rollercoaster of a tea!

I understand from the producer website it’s made from the DiJie village in Bing Dao and it’s an “internal retention” cake (not officially for sale).

Green, strong Qi, but still balanced (just).

Couldn’t stop drinking it, happy rollercoaster at first then calm descended on me.

Great experience, session interrupted due to crying dog but the tea still has a lot to say and I’m very satisfied anyway.

Storage: Natural-dry

Tier: T4+

Potential: T5- probably in 5-10 years

Elegant bold flavours and an energy to match, I really enjoyed this Tea and drank through my 20g sample in a week, I was lucky enough to be able to buy a tong of it and even have some to share!

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