Sharing excellence

The Treasures

The best of the best, sourced directly from the private collections of elite tea producers, masters, teachers and senior collectors. Uncompromising.

Inner circle

There is one more deeper layer of Puerh.uk, where we share even more exclusive tea.

We love personal contact and together with the simple love of the Puerh, our other major reason for running this website is the people we’ll meet. The inner circle is as close as we can get to “coming to see us in our tea room and look around the top shelves to find you that special thing to bring home”.

Access is generally only by invitation. If you like our taste, have tried most of the tea in this section and talked to us about it, sooner or later you’ll get an invite. If you are newer to Puerh.uk but you are searching only for super high quality puerh and/or have some previous experience in other teas, teapots, wine or similar, you can write us an email (info@puerh.uk) or instagram (@puerh.uk) describing whether you’re looking for anything in particular.

We’ll be rolling out initial invites over April, if you had access to “the backroom” before, this link should now work: Inner circle.

Free express (~3 days) shipping for most orders over £100 / $225 / €300!