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Take home my collection

I have so much puerh, much more than I can possibly drink. I already gifted away or composted a lot of it, what’s left is about the top 25%, but I still have about 50 cakes that are looking for a new home. This could easily be sold but it would take forever to write up descriptions for everything, so I thought: how about I gift it with each order? Also as a thank you for slower shipping than usual during January 2024 (as we’re both in China/Taiwan so orders will be shipped in February, likely early feb but maybe mid-late feb).

I have tried thousands of (mostly sheng) Puerh and a lot of them were full cakes (no samples available!) and either I have an awkward amount (1-3 pieces, not enough to sell, but I want just one for myself) or I have similar, or it doesn’t fit the narrow category of what I look for but I know other puerh drinkers would appreciate it. It’s all very good for their relative “equivalent price” level.

The value of the tea you receive is about ~20-30% of your order value. After your order we will send you a link to choose what you prefer. You can also combine different orders to have a higher level tea. If you want to secure a higher level tea right now you can buy a gift card and use it for later purchases (for example you have made orders for $800 but want to order a gold from my collection: buy a gift card for $200/$250 to reach $1000 now).

Assume cakes to be in an open condition with an average of 30-50 grams missing from the back (sometimes missing only a single session, rarely more than 50g).

  • Diamond: for orders over £1600/€1800/$2000/2700CAD/3000AUD you get free tea of value approx £300-£600 (~$380-$760) including 80s tuo, famous (Menghai, Xiaguan, etc) aged factory cakes and big/old tree cakes.
  • Gold: for orders over £800/€900/$1000/1350CAD/1500AUD, you get free tea of value £150-£300 (~$190-$380) including famous semi-aged factory cakes and more recent big tree
  • Silver: for orders over £400/€450/$500/675CAD/750AUD, you get free tea of value £75-£150 (~$95-$190) including a lot of semi-aged factory tea and small/big tree cakes.
  • Bronze: for orders over £200/€225/$250/340CAD/375AUD, you get free tea of value £35-£75 (~$45-$95) including 2013 Xiaguan-FT Love Forever Bamboo Tong
  • Orders over £50 (and below £200) will receive free samples of ~20% value of the order which we will pick.


So… easy-peasy, make an order during January (or more orders) and you can choose what to take home from my collection straight after by choosing it from the collections above.

Please note there’s usually only 1 of each (rarely 2 or 3). While there’s plenty of tea to choose from, of course we can’t guarantee a specific tea until you select and secure it. There’s a small chance we will be unable to find the tea you chose (it’s rather messy here), in which case we’ll contact you to choose another and offer a small gift as thank you for your understanding.

Free express (~3 days) shipping for most orders over £100 / $225 / €300!