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An exclusive tea club that gives you the best of the best, sourced directly from the private collections of elite tea producers, masters, teachers and senior collectors.

Tea that’s simply not available elsewhere, obtained through long and deep relationships with the real masters of Puerh like Chen Yuan Hao, Tony Chen (Xi Zi Hao), Bi Yun Hao, and other tea lovers with decades of experience in producing, aging, collecting, teaching about tea.

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The main treasure is usually a sheng puerh 100% pure old tree and/or (excellent material) well aged.

Secondary treasures are other old tea, teaware and the odd unique “tea art” piece.

Guiding principles:

  • Purity: clean (clean storage and absolutely no pesticides) and the best leaves available for the area and age
  • Flawlessness: tea that drinks without any defect – smooth, sweet, bitter, thick, strong aftertaste
  • Character: memorable tea, not bland copies



Each month

  • 1st Payment is taken (£800/$1000 and equivalent currencies)
  • ~10th Early access release for club members
  • ~25th A-la-carte release (if there is any left)

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I want to drink tea like this and share it with who can appreciate it!

By buying a few pieces I make it more worthwhile to the elite collectors to share some of the tea that’s usually just for them, their close friends and their best clients.


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