Sharing excellence

Share great Tea with friends

We operate a zero-marketing policy to put all of our effort into sourcing great tea, so it really helps when people talk about the tea they got from us.

Two main ways:

1 Write a tea review

For each review you write we will offer a £5 discount* or a free sample (usually £5-£15 worth) on your next order.

Please let us know if you write any review (with a link/screenshot if needed) and if you’d rather have the discount or free sample and we will make it happen

(* up to 50% off. For example if writing 4 reviews, £5 * 4 = £20 discount, minimum order will be just 40£.)

2 Give tea to a friend

This is a code to send a friend (or a few) that may be interested in great puerh:

Use code THEGIFTOFGREATTEA-NEWCUSTOMERSONLYPLEASE for £10 off (minimum order of £100)

If they make an order, ask them to write your name in the notes and we will send you 1 or more sample gifts as thank you for introducing us! (immediately if you’re in UK, with your next order if you’re outside of UK)
We really believe the tea we offer can be of great value for many, this is just a little thank you for your help in sharing it

Free express (~3 days) shipping for most orders over £100 / $225 / €300!