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I constantly get to drink excellent puerh with producers and tea teachers, either in person in the part of the year I’m in Taiwan, or with various samples they send me with other purchases. I love to talk with real tea lovers, I find there are certain qualities (stillness, searching for depth, a sense of peace and long-term view, etc…) that I really resonate with.

I also love to share some of the more special teas, but of course the quantities are small, and it requires people that really serious about knowing tea to appreciate these kinds of teas (and teaware).

By now I’ve bought a lot of Puerh and learnt a fair amount about identifying quality and authenticity, and this is possibly the most valuable thing I can share with you. After all, the only reason I run this little tea shop is precisely to have an excuse to interact with tea people, drink great tea and learn more about it. I’m not alone in this, this seems to be the case for the most serious/experienced people I’ve met that “work” in tea: the work is the excuse to dedicate the most time possible to their passion.

I also have a small collection of antique cups, antique and modern Yixing pots and various teaware (kettle, plates, silver, etc), some of which are for sale (pics show just a random box of late Qing to modern teapots and Ming/Qing dynasty/ROC cups).

I’ve got a fair amount of experience in how to brew Puerh (also see Brew Puerh like a Pro) and how to adapt it to one’s life (including what water to use, tea ware, and internal cultivation). By now I’ve served tea to people thousands of time and helped hundreds of people to start their own tea practice (whether that’s more about the taste or more on the internal cultivation side of things).

Finally, I’ve been storing puerh and observing many different storage in different asian countries (also see Aging and storing Puerh in the west), so I’ve got a few pointers on how to do that well, and also about which Puerh to choose to age (both for value appreciation and taste development).

So, I’d like to offer you the possibility to have a chat about tea/your tea practice. We can talk about what tea I can source for you, or it can be more of a “tea class“/discussion, or very likely both. Ask any questions, and in fact if you have something in mind already please do write it down in the notes. Likewise if you’ve something to share without questions, that’s also very welcome.

Of course if you’re near Brighton enough it’s also possible to meet live, please email for this.

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