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Just got the news from CYH that we have availability of 1 more tong (this tea sold out in pre-orders), catch it while you can. There’ll be a few more cakes released on the CYH website later but it’s unclear when and how many.

If you’re going to buy just one high quality 2023 puerh cake, let it be this one.

This tea is so uniquely strong I struggle to give a Tier rating, I think it might be more on the T5- side now but this could quickly age into something that again would make me consider a T5+ rating (only ever considered for one single other tea).

Other 2023 CYH (ChaWangShu, ManSong, LBZ, etc…) is also stunning (and definitely T5) but CYH has never made this tea before, and it’s not clear if it’ll be possible to make it again.

I know this is the only tea made in the last few years I got 2 tongs for myself to keep, and regret not getting a third. I’m selling this tong because I feel it’s important to share it with people that can appreciate it but I did wonder about just keeping it, the quality is that good and the price is very reasonable for what it is. If this tea actually was made next year I wouldn’t be surprised if the price would shoot up.

Description from the CYH website: “Extraordinary clean unspoiled environment, extraordinary strength, after BoHeTang this is the most exciting newly discovered Pu’er area in the last 10 years. Brutal smooth strength and ChaQi, a lot of stars aligned for this tea to be possible”


Want more than one cake? Buy one first before they sell out, then shoot us an email, if there’s availability we’ll let you know (it may take a while).

357g big cakes (pictures are of a 100 gram cake made with the same leaves)


18 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake, 1 tong (6 cakes)+1 cake


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