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  • The original tribute tea, for very good reasons
  • Strong long-lasting sweetness and aftertaste
  • Calming, deep, meditative Qi

I’ve long been looking for a good ManSong, but because of its reputation it’s very hard to find tea where both the tea is really right (big or old tree) and the price is also right (2022 big tree ManSong is often found at more expensive than this!).

I’m really glad I finally found a well priced high quality example even though only 1 tong was available. We could’ve easily sold the whole tong wholesale but decided best to offer it as single cakes, 1/4 slices and samples as usual as I feel drinking a good ManSong is really essential to an understanding of high quality Puerh.

Made from the small leaf varietal endemic to YiBang, it has the typical sweetness and depth and really long lasting comfortable Qi that made ManSong possibly the most famous emperor tribute tea in antiquity and theĀ pinnacle of classic YiWu/YiBang.



7 grams, 25 grams, 1/4 slice, full cake


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